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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This year has been a wild ride. This will be the first Thanksgiving that the Jeffersonian Report has been up and running, and I wanted to say to those of you who have subscribed to the report: Thank You. We are so glad to be able to share the important news we find with the community here. I'm hopeful we will have many more years with many more subscribers to come, but for those of you who have already subscribed, thank you for your attention. I hope tomorrow you will get to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner with your family.

As we grow through the next year there are plans to bring you even more value. I run this site along with charlestown.social which is intended to provide the local community with a truly local social network experience. The site, in addition to the local community, is connected to what is known as the fediverse, a truly decentralized social network designed to create a space for people instead of being designed to maximize attention. Over the winter we are looking to start a podcast that will compliment the written report too.

We do not require payment for any of the content or services we offer. Instead we operate on what has been called the Value 4 Value model. This is explained in our support page in better detail. Until recently the only options we've provided for people to provide financial value back to the report have been the Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses on that page. We now offer paid subscriptions using a credit card too. Right now we offer a monthly and yearly option at $5 and $50 respectively. We are not building a pay wall. This is here just to make it easier for people to support us who haven't yet taken the plunge into cryptocurrency. Any donation money will be used first to offset the cost of the existing services we are providing. If we manage to generate enough money to offset the hosting costs 100% then funds will go into improved podcast recording hardware.

For anyone who won't be with family tomorrow, I think it's worth noting that NoAgenda will be streaming their live podcast. You can listen to the rock and roll preshow starting at 10am ET on the stream. I don't have any producer credit in this show yet as I've only donated small amounts through the lightening network, but it's a great show and I hope if you haven't listened before and have the time you will give it a chance. Here is an sample of the show cartoonized by one of the producers.

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Jamie Larson