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Mask Mandate for Jefferson County Schools

Mask Mandate for Jefferson County Schools

This is a quick post that is a little bit behind, but it deserves attention and it's possible that if you don't have kids in the schools around here you could have missed the news. Here is the video description as written by the School Board staff who upload their videos to YouTube.

Jefferson County Board of Education in West Virginia held a special meeting on August 20, where they voted on the recommendation of the Jefferson County Health Department to put an INDOOR MASK MANDATE in place for all staff and students beginning Monday, August 23, the first day of school. This decision keeps kids in school by removing quarantine requirements for most students and staff wearing masks.

The mandate ends on September 27th when the Board of education will receive another update from Dr. Reidy and determine whether to keep the mandate based on the latest data and guidance.

This seems to conflict with what we're hearing from the Jefferson County Board of Health. A little over a week after the decision was made by the School Board, the Board of Health made public a resolution which indicated they unanimously agreed it should be upon the parents to decide on matters of mask wearing and that "Jefferson County Board of Health does NOT recommend a mask mandate for children attending Jefferson County Schools."

Whereas, in matters of health and medicine the Hippocratic Oath mandates to first do no harm;

Whereas, there are concerns as to whether or not masks can cause harm to children both physically and

Whereas, the primary responsibility for a child’s health is the parent or legal guardian of that child;

Whereas, it is the parent’s responsibility to weigh the risks versus the benefits of mask use for their child
and to take into account the personal health and needs of their child;

Where do you stand on these issues? We'd love to hear from you. We are easiest to reach on the new Charles Town Social network @jr@social.odayacres.farm for now. I'll be digging into this a bit more for sure so if anyone has any information that can help and you want to keep your identity private you can direct message us on the Fediverse as well.

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