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National School Board Association Saga Continues

National School Board Association Saga Continues
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Last week I wrote about the NSBA letter to Joe Biden requesting federal law enforcement assistance to root out 'domestic terrorism' in the parents and community members engaging with school boards on hot button issues around the country. I mentioned that this issue hits close to home since we've been seeing the same issues pop up in our own school board meetings, and in the letter a county not too far away was actually being used as evidence of this unruly behavior that needs federal intervention. Over the next few days the story around at least one case in Loudoun County started to develop into a scandal that we'll have to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Apparently one of the parents who was removed from a school board meeting was upset because his daughter had actually suffered a sexual abuse at her school. The perpetrator was apparently investigated at the time but was allowed to re-enroll in a different school in the district where he has attacked another girl using the same modus operandi.

“The sexual assault our daughter endured should never happen to any young girl, or any child, attending a public school,” the statement read. “But because of indifference and negligence by Loudoun County Public Schools and the Loudoun School Board, it did. And now, it has happened to another girl at another Loudoun County school at the hands of the very same assailant.”

I haven't seen any footage of the latest school board meeting, but I expect it could have been loud, a little unruly, and perhaps not the most civil of places when the parents were demanding resignations from neglectful school administration staff. Does this mean the parents who attended or signed up to speak are now going to be put on a national watch list? Will they be added to the no fly list because they don't want their kids to be made to risk their innocence and health at a school that is more concerned with being inclusive instead of protecting children from real harms? Last night it was reported in Epoch Times that one of the board members has tendered her resignation.

On Wednesday about a dozen congressmen signed a letter to Joe Biden arguing in support of the right to protest and air grievances to our elected officials. Now like I said last week, no one is saying there are no credible threats. What I and the congressmen are saying is that local law enforcement is completely capable of handling these issues, and if there are any actual credible threats they can be handled without implementing information gathering and security measures that were enacted to protect the homeland from having to endure another 9/11 attack.

Americans have the right to speak out and organize in favor or against public policies without fear of being targeted by the federal government. We are very concerned about your administrations attempt to weaponize the power of the federal government to go after parents, who are simply expressing their First Amendment rights at local school boards meetings. This is a clear sign that freedom and self-government are under attack at the most fundamental level. We strongly oppose any targeted political persecution by the federal government and urge you to halt efforts to control the First Amendment rights of millions of concerned parents.

According to the Washington Times, an organization known as Parents Defending Education tried to assess 47 state school board associations that are affiliated with NSBA, and about a third of them have indicated they are not supportive of this national move to label parents as terrorists. I personally contacted a board member to investigate whether or not the Jefferson County Board of Education supports the move, but I have yet to hear back. There is a school board meeting video from earlier this week I am working to import which I haven't watched yet as well. I doubt there will be much related to this issue, but if there is I'll make sure to report it. This is a huge overreach by the NSBA and I hope we can see the fear mongering and suppression of opposing speech come to an end.

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Jamie Larson