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Charles Town Enters the Fediverse

Charles Town Enters the Fediverse

I have been playing around with several different services to try and find a platform that would be suitable to provide the community. I am happy to announce that Charles Town Social is now live and ready for the community to use. The paint is still drying, but I think the foundation is solid and we're really excited to bring this to our community. When you create an account on the site, you'll gain access to hundreds of other servers and smaller communities, or you can limit yourself to just our server. There are no corporate sponsors, no advertisers to please, no censorship, and no algorithmic manipulation of your feed. You maintain complete control over what you see. Standard mute and block features work as expected.

Users can choose between the local or federated timelines to help find other user content that isn't on the home tab. There are no limits to how much you post (up to 5000 character limit per post), and you can interact with posts from other users across the entire Fediverse similarly to how you would on any one of the corporate social networks. The Fediverse is not exclusively text based posts on a timeline either. We also run a peertube instance where content creators post content which can be followed on Charles Town Social. That is where we have been uploading Board of Education videos, and I subscribed to this channel on the new site so that when new videos are posted it will be even easier to share them with you. If you are interested in exploring the video side of the Fediverse, you can register for an account. If you are a creator and want to request upload capacity that is something that will probably require some discussion as the cost of video storage is a bit higher than other mediums.

Jeffersonian Report also has a presence on the Fediverse. You can even follow bird site handles if you just want to get updates from people who haven't moved to the Fediverse. I follow Rand Paul for example. These are relays rather than real Fediverse user accounts so you won't be able to re-post their content, but you can follow, comment, react, and those reactions can be visible to your followers. I hope to see you on charlestown.social. We are looking for more services to provide as we go along, but we need you to make this a real community. If you have any questions, you can send me a message on the platform.

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Jamie Larson