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Santa Clause is Coming

Santa Clause is Coming

JEFFERSON COUNTY - Santa Claus is coming! From Independent Fire Company on FaceBook

It's that time again this year for Santa Clause to come down from the North pole and jump on our firetruck to see all the little boys and girls (and of course their parents) before making his rounds on Christmas Eve. Please post pictures if you're able to our Facebook page. We would love to see them! Below is the schedule for Santa. We always attempt to go down as many streets as we can but sometimes that isn't possible. Please be kind and patient as we do our best. To help out (weather permitting) be near a street corner for those small dead-end streets that make it difficult for us to turn around. Our volunteers enjoy this detail very much and absolutely love seeing all the kids and parents faces light up. Also, if we are dispatched for a call or the weather is not good, we will notify you on Facebook and reschedule if needed. If there is a subdivision that is not listed below please ask and we will let you know who to contact. Each detail will start at 6pm until finished.

  • Sunday, December 5th, 2021 ‌‌Tuscawilla Hills, Locust Hill
  • Tuesday, December 7th, 2021‌‌Spring Valley 1 and 2, Wood End, Pembroke Grove, Homewood Hills, Apple Blossom Meadows, Preserve at Barleywood.
  • Saturday, December 11th, 2021 ‌‌Cranes Meadows, Orchard Hills, Woodlawn/Parkview, Robeli Estates, Ranson Estates, Ashley Brin, Ranson Streets
  • Sunday, December 12th, 2021 ‌‌Briar Run, Presidents Pointe, Fairfax Crossing, Walnut Grove, Security Hills
  • Tuesday, December 14th, 2021‌‌Breckenridge North, Breckenridge, Shenandoah Jct. area,
  • Wednesday, December 15th, 2021‌‌Wild Rose, Jefferson Village, Shiloh, Lone Oak, Elder Lane, Megwilly Village
  • Friday, December 17th, 2021 ‌‌Craig Hill Estates, Charles Town Streets
  • Saturday, December 18th, 2021‌‌Shenandoah Springs, Cambridge, Aspen Green, Beallair Manor, Harvest Hills

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