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Value for Value

Value for Value
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This page is where we beg for money. We operate on a value for value model. What this means is that we write and publish our content for free. No charges will be required to access the content, and no advertisements will litter our pages. If you feel you have benefited from this site and would like to support the work we do, there are a number of ways you can help us. There are costs associated with running this site which so far come from my own personal funds. If you would like, you can provide financial value via Ethererum or Bitcoin using the addresses below (ordered by preference). If you use Brave Browser, you can leave a tip or setup a monthly contribution using BAT. I am working on setting up paid subscription offerings for people who want to reciprocate value for value but prefer to use conventional fiat currency, but the content provided will be the same as those who subscribe at the free tier or find their way here some other way.

Another way to provide value is through word of mouth. Tell your friends and family about us. Share our articles on social media, and help us get the truth out there. Sign up on Charles Town Social and say hi. If you have news you would like to see covered, thoughts or comments on the articles we publish, or tips on anything you think needs more attention, you can reach out to me on there easily.





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