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Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy

Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy

A red SUV drove into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI yesterday evening. As of this righting there have been 5 fatalities and at least 40 others have been injured. The city implemented a shelter in place order while law enforcement investigated the scene. Darrell E. Brooks (39) has been identified by various news outlets as a suspect, and as of 10:30pm he was in custody.

The suspect has a long criminal history that includes charges like domestic and sexual abuse, bail jumping, and aggravated battery with the most recent charges earlier this month. On the 4th of November, Darrell Brooks was accused of running a woman over in a gas station parking lot with his vehicle, and he was out on a $1000 cash bail as of Friday for while he awaits trial.

Sunday's attack was not the first time Brooks has been accused of running a person over with a vehicle. In the early November case, a woman told police that Brooks purposefully ran her "over with his vehicle" while she was walking through a gas station parking lot after he had followed her there after a fight, according to the criminal complaint.

The woman was hospitalized for her injuries, court records show.

His social media it's being reported indicates he is a rapper who subscribes to a black nationalist ideology, but when we tried to confirm this his YouTube account had already been deleted. Gateway pundit did include a snippet of one of his songs from Twitter which you can listen to below. The language is explicit so if you are around kids or at work make sure you have headphones in or just skip over it.

There is unfortunately but unsurprisingly a lot of politicization of this event, and we still don't have any news on the suspects true motives. There are reports that he was fleeing a separate crime, but that has not been substantiated. Waukesha is about 50 miles from Kenosha, so while they aren't next to each other the possibility that this is some form of retaliation for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict which some people feel wrongs the BLM movement in some way is something worth considering, but until we hear more from official sources (police, government officials) we just can't know. We do know that Waukesha is a conservative area which Trump won with nearly 60% of the vote.

It took quite a while for the legacy media to start discussing the name of the suspect in custody. His identity was known fairly quickly, but no reports that a suspect was in custody really started to hit the legacy news networks until sometime today. Social media has of course been a buzz with speculation from both sides. There are people scurrying to build narratives to defend their own ideology or try and point at others as the problem, but no one yet has any of the answers. I think to go so far as to call it "karma" is sick, and I hope people who think this way can find some help. If more information comes out we will do our best to keep you up to date.

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