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What Profit A Man

What Profit A Man
Hands holding up a sign that reads "It's not about a virus! It's about CONTROL" with a man being manipulated like a marionette puppet through the ear-loops on his mask.

The emotional laden subject of experts and follow the 'science', having been well fueled by the last eighteen months of overburdened regulations and mandates; there is still the first query that needs to be asked; how those experts, who have appointed themselves as the experts who must be obeyed, were able to wield such power and control over Americans. How, with such a willingness to and with such maniacal glee, were they able to gain such a diabolical choke hold over Americans to maintain their perceived status of dominance. In this particular instance, the facts themselves attribute to and give evidence to their position of authority.
Though for Dr. Fauci, it began 40 years ago with the scandal surrounding the 'safety' of AZT for aids patients[1], The unresearched data of then strikes an eerie similarity to the 'vaccines for Covid today and its dubious approval. The haunting pattern of history repeating itself can be traced again to ‘Dr.” Fauci and his select cohorts at the NIH, Eco Health, WHO and the CDC. With the addition of the CCP and global moneyed interests[2] engineering the narrative, the culpability of some of those involved can be traced back to October of 2019[3] The "Future of Health Summit" gathering included a series 'what if we tried this' discussions which laid the groundwork for the desired maximum effect with a deadly precision.
The tactics used, simple, fear of the unknown and the appeal to our better nature, would with ease on their part usher in the next phase, lockdowns, enforced the ludicrous wearing of masks and the ever important ‘social distancing’. Then with uncaring propaganda, the barrage began the assault for of an unknown virus with the accompaniment of anxiety, apprehension and the suspicion of all around us, phase two of the deception was implemented.[4]
In this new 'normal', the stage was set, bringing forth heads of countries, governments, governors of states and mayors of cities, towns and hamlets an unbridled sense of power, which they gorged at the cliff as minor dictators. The ‘experts’ now having the world’s submission, held tight to their whips of cataclysm in the speed in which phase one was initiated and expanded for the first in the global takeover. And to keep all in place, was the insidious use of confusion to foment greater turmoil with the constant changing of guidelines, protocols and the higher and higher death counts. In this chaotic realm of statistics and demands, Fauci and company stressed and put forth the long-time frame to create the ‘vaccine’ and it may be years before a return to normality may be achieved. Yet the real purpose was that while all eyes were concentrated on the ‘virus’, phase three was already on standby and waiting; the ‘vaccines’ to implement the continuance of dominance after the eighteen months of subordination was complete. And though the vaccines[5](from the CDC), rapidly diminished their efficiency very quickly, that was only a minor glitch, the series of boosters were at the ready with mRNA changing ingredients to maintain compliance and death. The following link apes the CDC[6] as compared to the addition of other ingredients.[7]
But their façade is breaking apart and their stage is crashing in ruin, that is the funny thing about engineering evil, for in its arrogance, he discounts every time the strength of resistance inherent in goodness. The truth came forward contradicting Fauci and his conspirators by the NIH itself[8]. As this is validated, Fauci claims it is not the case[9]
Their destructive use of fear to maintain their position of absolute control has instead created a watershed of liberty crying out from the hilltops and gathering the many to defeat the few. For justice will roll down like the waters and righteousness like an everlasting stream.

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